Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Cupcake bouquet

I've seen a few of these recently so decided to have a go at one. I had first intended on making some Cath Kidston cupcakes for my sister in law's 30th and it started off well but my paint brush packed in so I swapped over to the cupcake bouquet instead 

The cupcakes are just my standard Victoria sponge cupcakes but I used my very funky cupcake hollower to add some jam into the middle. I made extra buttercream for the baby shower cake  for these cupcakes, but they're made with at least 50% butter. I whisked the buttercream for about 7 minutes in my Kitchen Aid to make a lovely lighter tasting buttercream and coloured pink. I thought I had various shaped large piping nozzles but it turned out I didn't (that's organisation for you!)

The base of the bouquet was an old flower pot of mine which I stuffed with oasis that was tucked inside some tissue paper 

Decorate the cupcakes how you want then you need some cocktail sticks. Pop two into the base of each cupcake and squeeze gently into the oasis. Keep adding the cupcakes until you've filled the gaps. You can take them out again if you need to move them around a bit. 

A little bit of ribbon round the pot then done!

I added a 3 and a 0 sparkler too :)

Sorry for the rubbish photos, I didn't get one straight on

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