Thursday, 27 August 2015

Chocolate Triumph Cake

I call it Triumph because it's a glorious incarnation of all that is chocolate. Chocolate sponge and chocolate frosting all surrounded with chocolate biscuits and sweets.

I did a similar cake a couple of years ago for my Mum's birthday. That was just chocolate fingers and smarties. And I love decorating cakes with kitkats round the edges. I've seen this super chocolate version a few times and just had to have a go. It's super easy and I think it looks great!

I'm not writing a recipe, so just take your favourite 8" chocolate sponge recipe and add the following:
1 tub of chocolate frosting
3 packets of chocolate fingers
1 chocolate bar (that you can snap pieces off)*
6 packets of chocolates of your choice

See, I didn't even make the frosting. Shhhhh it's a secret but I'm a big fan of this icing. Tell anyone I cheat from time to time and I'll hunt you down!

So take your cooled cakes and fill and cover with icing. Then pop the chocolate fingers all around the cake so they stick to the frosting. 

You'll need 6 chocolate fingers for the top of the cake so don't eat what's left just yet! Put these on top at 12pm, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10.

You'll have a gap in the middle which you need to fill with some larger chocolates. *You can use a bar (like Dairy Milk) which you can snap pieces from but I used two mini Cadbury caramels. You could use ferrero rocher, mini Cadbury creme eggs, chocolate orange pieces......

Then fill in each sixth with your chosen chocolates. I used giant buttons, maltesers, peanut M&Ms, minstrels, white buttons and smarties. I lined mine in a symmetrical pattern but you don't need to, I just thought it looked nicer.

If you have some ribbon, secure this around the chocolate fingers for extra support to keep them attached to the cake.

Savour the heady smell of all that lush chocolate