Monday, 11 March 2013

Oh my!

How long since my last blog?! I'm rubbish.

Since last year, well the beginning of this year, I've really got into baking bread thanks to my Paul Hollywood book. I've made truffle ficelles, wholemeal, cob, granary, crumpets, teacakes, bacon and cheese loaf and pork pies from the book so far. I'll do a blog each day this week on each of those items along with photos

Today has been about experimenting with my new mini Easter egg mould. I say mini, they're about creme egg size, so not a huge Easter egg but not teeny either. It's a 6x mould so makes 3 eggs of two different patterns

I'm no chocolatier and can't be bothered with tempering so just used melted Dairy Milk as they're for the kids, ordinarily I'd use a higher cocoa solid dark chocolate. I decided to try just doing one thick layer then once cooled and set, melted the edges on a heated baking tray, filled one half with smarties and affixed the two halves together. They're in the fridge now for after the kids tea.

If all goes well with them, I'll use the same method but just do a few thinner layers instead. The finished eggs will then be used for either an Easter egg hunt or for the party bags. They're delicate though of course so not sure how to wrap them. Eek!

The eggs are a success! They worked and the kids, of course, love them. Yippeeeeee