Friday, 4 October 2013

That's a Scotch Egg!!!!

Anyone remember the Michael McIntyre Scottish joke where Scots take things and make them their own? Well, after that sketch, we can't say Scotch Egg in our house without a deep Scottish accent.

"You've taken the egg, you've put a bit of breadcrumb on it. That's a Scoootch Eeeg!"

But why make your own when Scotch Eggs are readily available and in certain different guises: Scotch Egg, party egg, picnic egg. Why not?!

One year at the Good Food Show there was a stall selling all different versions of a Scotch Egg with different ways of doing the meat and fillings. I remember enjoying mine a lot and have always heard home made are hard to beat.

So when you think about it, Scotch Egg doesn't actually comprise much and with another surplus of free range eggs at my mum's, I decided to have a go at my own.


However my dad then decided that not only did he want Scotch Eggs, he also wanted Picnic Eggs. Can you find a recipe for Picnic eggs. No! Well I didn't really want the recipe (doesn't take a genius to work it out), but I wanted to know if there was a certain method to making them. Who knows so I just made my own.

The smallest ingredients list in the world!
500g Sausage meat
6 Eggs
Flour for dusting and 1 more egg for coating

Makes 7

Scotch eggs:
Boil 3 eggs for 5-6 minutes. Cool rapidly and peel.
Heat oil to 180c
Spoon out some sausagemeat (I actually added some salt and white pepper) into a roundish circle. Coat the egg in flour, put into the sausagemeat and bring the cling film up to cover the egg. Ensure the egg is covered with not too much or too little sausagemeat. Coat in the egg then straight into breadcrumbs. Fry for 8 minutes until golden brown.

Picnic eggs:
Boil eggs for 7 minutes, cool then peel. Chop up with white pepper and mayonnaise. 
Heat oil to 180c
Construct the eggs in a similar way just adding the prepared egg mixture to the spread out sausagemeat. Roll up the sausagemeat gently around the mixture, dip in the egg, coat in breadcrumbs and fry for 8 minutes until golden brown.

I've only got photos of the Scotch eggs and not the picnic eggs 

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