Thursday, 17 October 2013

A cake for an occasion

Long story short, I was asked to make a small lactose free post-wedding cake so the blushing bride could enjoy some cake as didn't get to at her own wedding.

Now I love baking more than anything (except my family) but decorating is not my forté. I did do a cake decorating course but I struggled to get my head round spending hours making something for it to be destroyed in seconds so never sat the final examinations. At least with sewing, I'm general what I make can last a lifetime potentially.

All credit to people who decorate cakes as a job. It's hard work getting that fondant to place right. But I'm always up for a challenge and having made 40 roses for some anniversary cupcakes in July, I decided more roses (as were also on the original wedding cake) were the way to go. 

Slight disaster when my royal icing was too runny and I'd run out of icing sugar so the initial edge piping turned out too runny but I managed to get it sorted to pipe the little dots into the cake. Add the roses et voila: 

Lemon and blackcurrant midi two tiered celebration cake 

Hope the happy couple enjoy it!

My next attempt at a decorated cake will be coming up end of November and I'm petrified already.


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