Sunday, 19 May 2013

It's World Baking Day

So how could I resist baking today?!

But what to bake? I don't have much in but having spied the chocolate Teacakes at Costa, I've felt inspired to try them. I was originally inspired to make them after watching them on GBBO, but as I didn't have a spherical mould, I put that thought to the back of my mind.

The Costa ones however are made without a mould, so I knew it was possible and for some reason, I decided to have a go at these today.

I looked at a few different recipes and methods (including the GBBO one of course), but me being me, decided to combine all of them into my own recipe.

A couple of notes: if you have a hand whisk, then use it or if not follow my method for using the Kitchen Aid. If you have neither, prepare for burning yet toned biceps and triceps.

I didn't measure how much chocolate I used. I gauged by sight as we still have loads of Easter chocolate left. At a rough guess maybe 300g is needed.

So here goes:
50g wholemeal flour
50g plain flour
Pinch of salt
1/2 tsp baking powder
25g caster sugar
25g butter
2 tbsp milk

Mix the flours, salt, baking powder and sugar together, rub in the butter and add the milk to form a dough.

Roll out to a 5mm thickness and cut rounds (I think mine are about 5cm diameter)

Refrigerate for 10 mins while preheating oven to 150 fan.

Bake for 10 minutes and cool on a wire rack

Melt chocolate and cover the cooled biscuits in them, both sides then leave to set on the rack - they stick but push the underneath and they pop off.

Make the marshmallow:
2 egg whites
100g caster sugar
1 tbsp golden syrup
1/2 tsp vanilla essence

Mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl over simmering water. The idea is you whisk with electric mixer for 10 minutes until it doubles and turns white. I don't have a hand mixer and the thought of 10 minutes continual whisking filled me with fear so I had my own plan. Heat over the simmering water and whisk for two minutes. Transfer the bowl (therefore you need to use the Kitchen Aid bowl) to the mixer and whisk on a high speed for a couple of minutes. Return the bowl to the pan and hand whisk over the water for another minute or two then finish off by letting the stand mixer do the work and you "should" end up with perfect mallow. I did. But could have been a fluke of course!

Spoon into a piping bag, no nozzle required and pipe onto the set biscuit bases. Aim to pipe so it almost reaches the edges then pipe up as if you're attempting to make a dome shape.

Melt the chocolate and spoon over the mallow. It will drip a little down the sides so tease it down adding more chocolate to the top and covering it down until the whole teacake is covered. Leave to set

This should get you 12 teacakes. Recipes I read said best eaten the same day but I bet they're fine for a few if there are any left!

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