Thursday, 16 October 2014

Princess cake / doll cake

I'm volunteering again this week for Free Cakes for Kids Sheffield and this time it's a cake for a girl turning 6. The brief: she likes princesses, pink and yellow.

I chose a design I liked and needed to find a plastic crown but I couldn't find one anywhere. The shops are all stocked up for Halloween and Christmas but then I came across a cheap doll and decided to have a go at a cake I've always wanted to make : the doll cake. I'm sure you've seen plenty of these around but basically the cake element is the doll's dress with a toy doll sitting in the middle

I found an amazing tutorial on good old google. This is one of the best tutorials I've ever seen so if you fancy a bash at a cake like this, then definitely use this

I followed most of the tutorial but used my own cake recipe. I used an 8oz/8oz/8/oz/4egg recipe to fill a 7" cake tin and my Pyrex bowl. The cake took 20 minutes but because of the depth of the Pyrex bowl, that cake took about 50 minutes. After about 40 minutes I put some foil over the bowl to stop the cake browning too much.

Like in the tutorial, I split the cakes by hand and filled with pink buttercream. I didn't take many photos but here's on the assembled cake with it's crumb coat 

I also wrapped the doll in cling film like in the tutorial before putting it in the middle of the cake then piped the dress on, piping it all the way round the middle of the doll.

I added a Happy Birthday in pink fondant to the cake board and she was finished. It was so lovely to do a really girly cake. With two boys, I don't get much chance! I really hope Lexi has an amazing birthday. I was told today that it's her first ever birthday party and she's not long been back with her mother. Happy Birthday Lexi!

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