Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Apple for the teacher thank you cupcakes

I've seen a load of these on Facebook and Pinterest recently so decided it was only right I should make these for Max's last day at nursery.

I made them with my favourite devil's food recipe which I've used in a couple of other posts: http://mahhattersteaparty.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/devilishly-good.html?m=1

and topped them with chocolate fudge frosting from this post: http://mahhattersteaparty.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/hen-do-goodness.html?m=1

I made the toppers a few days ago so they could dry out and I made them by rolling out red fondant and cutting out circles just a bit narrower than the width of the cupcakes. I then cut out a triangle at the top, one at the bottom then rounded them off to give an apple shape. A small amount of brown fondant was used to make the stems which are then added to the back side of the "apples" and stick out the top. I don't have a small leaf cutter so I just shaped some green fondant into a vaguely leaf shape and attached to the top of the "apples".

The letters are more time consuming and are made by rolling out petal paste until it's very thin. The tappits I used here are these ones.

Don't use fondant, it won't work! Only use small bits of petal paste as it dries out quick and roll some out so it's long and narrow (an inch wide), place the letter you want over the petal paste, press into it and wiggle up and down. Then lift up and the letter will be filled with petal paste. Tap, or should I say, bang on the table and the letter will (should!) fly out. Use icing sugar to help roll out the petal paste and stop it sticking to the table. Then "glue" with a paintbrush and very little water to the apples. Leave them to harden for a few days. It's best to leave them on kitchen roll as they can stick to other surfaces like plastic then you'll be in trouble.

Stick onto your cupcakes and you're done!

I really hope Max's nursery staff enjoy these cupcakes

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