Friday, 23 August 2013

As light as air

Angel cake with lemon curd

After watching GBBO this week and seeing the technical challenge, the recipe popped up in my Facebook newsfeed. Mum and dad have a deluge of eggs from the hens so as this recipe uses 10, it seemed logical to bake it.

I don't have the angel cake tin recommended but a few google searches proved you don't need one. I have a bundt tin and read the trick is to ensure it's clean and don't grease it. The idea being then that the cake can grip to the side so it rises (as this cake uses egg whites as a raising agent).

Here's the recipe, I won't right it out this time but just to note I used I my 8 eggs and calculated the other quantities accordingly. This made a nice size cake. I also substituted the lemons for vanilla.

I made the lemon curd but personally it's not my favourite curd recipe. I'll try and remember which my favourite is lol!

I also didn't cover the outside with the cream as it ideally then needs to be eaten the same day and this wasn't going to be.

While making the recipe, I can say that it feels like you're making a meringue then adding flour. I didn't actually expect it to turn out like this, it looked far to mallowy/meringuey but it looks great once cooked. Max even had 4 slices!

I even think Mary and Paul would be proud, but who knows!

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